"Universal" Black Beauty Salon Shampoo Chair & Bowl Unit


List Price: $699.99

Sale Price: $375.00

Financing: $11 / month

Product Description


The "Universal" Beauty Salon Shampoo Unit keeps everything in one solid place for you. The upright chair is sporting sleek black PVC vinyl for comfort and easy maintenance with stylish rubber arm rests. The back wash can secure easily to your salon floor or wall and features a tilt-bowl with adjustable height so you can easily shift the chair for comfort. This streamlined unit is compact and easy to keep clean, with openings for plumbing for both the floor and wall, so it can go anywhere in your salon that you need it to go. This unit saves you time and space.

Please check your City Code to see if a Vacuum Breaker (MS-03) is required.

Add a Hair Trap (MS-13) to guard the pipes.

Add a Neck Rest (MS-31) to guard the neck.


  • Upright chair with upholstered, high quality black vinyl
  • Tilt-bowl
  • Connects to plumbing through the floor and wall
  • Chrome faucet (MS-37) with 1/2" female connectors
  • Includes a rubber spray hose (MS-38), a Flex Tube (SG-07) and Cap Cover (MS-10)


  • Chair
  • Length: 31"
  • Width: 23"
  • Height: 35"
  • Shampoo Bowl
  • Length: 20"
  • Width: 21"
    • Some assembly is required.



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