Icarus Semi-Circle Salon Anti-Fatigue Mat





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Product Description

This 3 by 5 foot semi-circle mat wraps perfectly around your styling chair and wraps even better around the bottom of your feet. You'll melt into this thing when you step onto it, and your soles will thank you. It has a thick-skinned vinyl surface made with a low static formulation so you won't have those irritating loose hairs sticking to it when you try to sweep up. It's also lightweight, so if you need to move it around it goes easy on your back too. Do yourself a favor and make your floor comfy.

Proven for ergonomics to reduce overall fatigue and discomfort.
Easy to clean. Repels dust, dirt, and hair.
Made with highest grade polyurethane. Not with cheap foam.
Design for flexibility to fit a work space, allowing plenty of maneuvering room.
Closed-cell polymeric sponge base
Low static formulation

3'x5' Semi-Circle

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