Canyon Rose

Canyon Rose White Unisex Spa Robe

UPC: 013534463524
SKU: SA-30

List Price: $52.99

Sale Price: $34.99

Product Description


She eases into another world full of cushy poly/cotton fabric that soothes her skin like a warm, gentle rain. The waffle weave holds in heat like a fresh cocoon, drifting down four feet to provide a full body coverage that won't tangle up the feet. It fits so easily around the shoulders, staying loose so nothing is pulling at her shoulders or restricting her arms. She has her phone in one of the large pockets on the side, but she turned it off a long time ago.


  • Classic white color (not sage color pictured).
  • Roomy robe works with male or female clients.
  • Comfortable poly/cotton blend.
  • Waffle weave retains warmth.
  • Bi-level belt loops for custom fit.
  • Machine washable.


  • Length: 48"


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