We Don’t All Want the Big Salon Experience


Photo courtesy of Michael Coghlan

Places like Little Space Salon in New York are more common than people realize, partly because most of them don’t get the kind of news coverage Patty Mocarski got. But they’re out there, for better or worse. Maybe we get tangled into vast virtual worlds so much now that we want to simplify the physical world. Or maybe it’s that almost every stylist dreams of owning their own salon, and it’s mathematically impossible for all of them to end up with a glamorous ballroom with a twelve-chair set up.

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Should You be Razor Cutting Hair

Oct 9, 2017 4:38:41 PM

A Straight Razor Can be Hair’s Best Friend


Image courtesy of Avery.

You’ve probably heard before that razor cutting hair is a great way of creating more interesting texture for a haircut. Unfortunately, whether because of inexperience in a hairdresser or ignorant demands from a client, razor cutting has gotten a bad rep with a few people and scared a lot of stylists and clients off from it. But if you want to create a style with movement and texture or easily thin out certain areas of hair or even fix up layers, the straight razor is an invaluable tool. If you’re using it right.

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Pink Styles You Should Study

Sep 28, 2017 3:53:40 PM

NYFW 2017 Was Great but It Didn’t Make Pink Hair Cool


This year’s New York Fashion Week sparked its usual, widespread discussion of what’s “in” now. Vogue is under the impression that the lesson in the 2018 Spring line up is that long, pink hair with accessories is the cool thing to do right now.

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How to Loosen Up Your Salon’s Budget

Aug 30, 2017 11:54:17 AM

Being Good with Hair Doesn’t Make you Good with Money


Image courtesy of Kevin Doncaster

Sometimes all you need to improve the profits of a business is to manage the money you’re making better and reduce costs. While this industry is full to the brim with brilliant creatives with supreme intellects for shape and color, only a modest percentage of those creatives understand the business side well enough to turn the art into a profitable career. It’s easy for creatives to get sucked into the fallacy that so long as they do great work they’ll be okay. Very often that’s not the case. There are thousands of stylists doing great work out there. And while there are a hundred and one ways to stand out and bring in more money to your salon, you’ll still need to know some solid housekeeping to survive the dry spells and take full advantage of your busy seasons.

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Good Camera Work is about More than Instagram

Blog15 Header.jpg

Photo courtesy of Zorah Ollivia

These days most stylists immediately equate “better pictures” with a better Instagram following. Generally speaking that’s true. If your pictures look better you’ll get more engagement and reposts and ultimately more followers who convert into customers. But the benefits don’t stop with more people double tapping your latest ombre. Our world is driven by imagery more than ever before, so learning more about how color, lighting, and focus are affecting people’s perception of your work and your salon is almost essential to building a stable career in the beauty industry.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Sell Your Clients Good Shampoo


Fanola’s Botugen Hair System

Retail is one of the best ways to maintain and grow your salon without working yourself to death. That sounds like a commercial sell: “make big easy money now!” kind of thing. But the truth is that a lot of talented stylists are already working themselves to death while their salons remain financially stagnant because they’re unwilling or unable to sell the hair treatments on their shelves. It’s tough for some to think about selling retail when they’re so focused on refining their craft. Hair styling is an art, and money always complicates art. In this case, though, salon retail directly supports your art and helps your client’s hair stay healthy. Artist or no artist, it benefits everyone when people walk out of the salon with a bag of quality shampoo and treatments.

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Hair Color Round Up Summertime 2017

Jul 6, 2017 2:36:50 PM

Our Favorite Summer Hair Looks So Far


July is in full swing now, so stylists have had plenty of time to flex their repertoire of summer looks. Traditionally this is the season of chopped bobs and light colors in beach waves, but hair stylists are as much creatures of the trend as they are rebels against mainstream standards, so when we say “summer hairstyles” there’s a tacit understanding that it could mean anything from hair designed to be comfortable in hot weather to a collage of bright colors made to incite the impression of summer. This year, we’ve come across a little bit of everything.

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4 Steps to a Healthy Instagram

Jun 21, 2017 12:04:11 PM


Photo courtesy of Ellen De Vos


If you’re a stylist or barber you’re almost certainly on Instagram. If you aren’t, we wish you the best of luck, but we highly recommend you get on there if you want to maintain a good base of clientele. It’s tough to stay on top of Instagram. You have to maintain a consistent level of quality, you have to engage, you have to know what you’re talking about and what to say and who to say it to. Every now and then you hear something about the Instagram algorithm and wonder how important it is that you understand what that actually is. It can be a lot of work, but it’s simpler to keep your Instagram healthy than you think.

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Blog 11 Header.jpg

A Rose Balayage out of the Ashes of a Chemical Wasteland

There is a secret to working with over processed hair. Possibly. that secret involves becoming James Miju, but since only one person has accomplished that so far, we’ll have to settle for using his formulas and application method.

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Miju Van Salon Styles Coachella

May 22, 2017 9:53:35 AM


Coachella has travelled far from its roots as a grungy music festival to something more like a free for all fashion show. It usually comes with a wave of free spirited behavior, so when people change their hair for it they’re looking for two simple things: Easy maintenance and a lot more color. Fashion bloggers and Youtubers the world over travel to southern California adorned in meticulously planned outfits, some of them getting their hair ready weeks in advance. So the festival season is really a time for people like James Miju and the team at Miju Van Salon to shine.

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