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Oster 10pc Universal Comb Attachments

UPC: 034264409729
SKU: CL-29

List Price: $39.99

Sale Price: $24.46

Product Description

Oster has provided high quality clippers and trimmers for over 120 years. With their experience, they have been able to develop numerous styles of the best clippers and accessories. This accessory is ideal for every barber, stylist, or any person using clippers. Clipper guides are the best way to achieve accurate results to please the eye as well as the customer.

10pc guide set.
Fits all Oster clippers and almost every other clipper.
Includes a storage pouch.
3pc are new sizes!
Snaps right on.

1. #0 (1/16")
2. #1 (1/8")
3. #2 (1/4")
4. #3 (3/8")
5. #4 (1/2")
6. #5 (5/8")
7. #6 (3/4")
8. #7 (7/8")
9. #8 (1")
10. #10 (1.25")


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