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Norvell Sunless Arena All-in-One Spray System

UPC: 812512003819
SKU: EM-58

List Price: $4,499.99

Sale Price: $4,299.99

Financing: $119 / month

Product Description

Looking for a way to stay tan all year without absorbing those harmful UV rays? Norvell self-tanning products are the perfect solution! These products are used by celebrities and professional tanning salons all across the country. They are created from the highest quality blend of vitamins and antioxidants to nourish the skin with every use. Along with their nourishing qualities, they also have other benefits to give you that sun-kissed tan everyone strives to achieve.

Creates the perfect tan.
Easy to apply airbrush.
Long-lasting color.
Moisturizes as it tans.
Micro-nutrient rich.
Boosts skin's natural glow.
Develops rich bronze.
Works across a wide range of skin tones.
Uses skin pigment to create a customized shade.
Booth includes -
- 4 extraction fans to pull excess spray away from client.
- Studio lighting,
- Mirrored panels.
- Caster wheels for mobile ease during cleaning.
- Easy to wash and reuse filter.
- Professional appearance.
- Continual Turbine Heated Airflow.
- Turbine has variable speeds.
- Quick disconnect hoses.

Package includes:
1qty Mirrored Overspray Booth
1qty Mobile Arena HVLP Turbine Spray Machine
2qty HVLP Spray Guns
1qty Slip Resistant Floor Mat
1qty Solution Storage Cup with Cap
1qty 2013 Pro Products Kit:
- 1qty HVLP Gun Cleaner
- 1qty Training Solution
- 1qty xLaTan pH Spray
- 1qty Organic Dark Solution
- 1qty Premium Clear Solution
- 1qty Premium Original Solution
- 1qty Premium Double Dark
- 1qty ONE Rapid Solution
- 1qty Norvell Eye Shields - 50 pairs
- 1qty Premium Dark Solution
- 1qty Cardboard Neat Feet - 25 pairs
- 1qty Pre Sunless xLaTan Spray
- 1qty Post HydroFirm Spray
- 1qty eXmitt Display - 24 Single Mitts
- 1qty Norvell Nose Filters - 25 pairs
1qty Sunless Retail Kit:
- 6qty Renewing Sunless Exfoliator
- 6qty pH Balancing Cleanser
- 6qty Professional Sunless Mist
- 6qty Sunless Color Extend ProLong
- 2qty Self Tanning Mousse Nude
- 4qty Self Tanning Mousse Med/Dark
- 1qty eXmitt Display
- 4qty Daily Replenishing 24hr Moisturizer
- 4qty Sunless Maintenance Kits
    - Renewing Sunless Exfoliator
    - Sunless Color Extend ProLong
    - eXmitt Pre Tan Body Buff
    - pH Balancing Cleanser
    - Bronzing 4-Faces
    - Maintenance Tip Card
1qty Promo Pack (items may vary)
1qty Indoor/Outdoor Banner
1qty Norvell University Basic Collection
1qty BONUS Venetian Solution

*NOTE: This item ships directly from the manufacturer, there is a 7-10 day turnaround time.*


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