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"Lazio" Black Beauty Salon Rolling Storage Trolley Cart

UPC: 736983088277

List Price: $349.99

Sale Price: $199.99

Financing: $6 / month

Product Description


If you need something more than just movable storage for your tools, then you can look to the "Lazio" for a durable, high class work buddy. This trolley is built with consolidated wood around a Formica metal frame so its smooth surface is more than just looks. The top drawer slides out to reveal three chrome appliance holders, and below that is a lockable drawer where you can safely store all your tools when you don't need them. It also features removable drawers in the bottom lockable cabinet that allow you expand and customize your work space. It's just the kind of upscale, high quality piece you've been looking for to class up the joint.


  • 3 Ring Appliance Holder features
  • Built in Lock W/ Keys
  • Ultra Smooth Wheels with swivel casters
  • 3 Removable Trays
  • Durable Formica Frame-Metal Reinforced


  • Height: 37.75"
  • Depth: 18.25"
  • Width: 12.25"
  • Appliance Holder Diameters:
  • Large: 2.75"
  • Medium: 1.75"
  • Small: 1.25"
  • Some assembly is required.
    • All dimensions listed are approximations.
    • Some assembly is required.
    • Pricing reflects closeout stock and no back orders will be accepted. All sales are final.
    • Product may have imperfections or slight discoloration. Products will be in working condition. No returns accepted. All sales are final.



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