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New Year Hair Transformations

Jan 31, 2017 11:54:01 AM


It’s a new year, spring is inching closer and people are starting to get an itch for change. And that means new hair styles. We’ve  been seeing a lot of hair color transformations while we spend too much time scrolling through Instagram lately. There are a lot of bright colors coming back into the world, and even though we enjoyed the ice queen winter changes a few months back (and even though spring is still a ways away), it’s refreshing to see hair bloom again. Here are a few of our favorites so far.

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One of the worst things you can do after setting up your salon equipment is to leave it alone and pretend it can take care of itself. Whether it’s styling chairs, shampoo chairs, or manicure tables, your equipment needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Most of it really doesn’t take that much effort, and with a little care and attention, even cheap salon equipment can give you years of reliable use.

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It’s been a little while since we’ve rounded up some of our favorite hair colors made with Fanola, and the end of 2016 seems like a good time to do it again. This is getting trickier to do because Fanola has been getting progressively more popular. People are getting wild out there with it, but the most common use is the Fanola No Yellow shampoo, which a lot of stylists use as a way of pre-coloring. So not all of these hair colors are just Fanola colors, but they were definitely brought to you by Fanola in one way or another.

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Are You Ready to Style Hair at Home?


Photo by Karen Newman


For millions of stylists in America, starting a home salon seems like a shorter, cheaper path to owning their business, but many don’t realize what all goes into opening a salon. And a home salon brings its own set of unique complications. Between finding the right salon equipment to fit in your home and the complications of adapting any room in a house to meet state regulations, you will quickly find yourself drowning in preparation. So it’s important to take a step back and really consider if working from home is worth the trouble, and if you’re ready for it. To help you along, here are a few reasons you probably aren’t ready for it.

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Photo by Johnny Lai


By now you probably have your holiday marketing plans sorted out. You’re already sending out mass texts about special offers and referrals and gift sales and now you’re waiting for the Christmas tide to wash up to your neck, and hoping it won’t get over your head. This is technically a happy time, but it’s also obscenely busy and a lot of stylists become overwhelmed by the thickening appointment book coming at odds with the lengthening to-do list at home. While it might be a good time for business, it’s not great for health, and that’s one of the most important aspects of keeping your business up. So here are a few tips for getting through December without breaking down.

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There’s a world of brown hair out there and people who want to keep that hair brown but maybe just make it pop a little more. One of the best ways to do that without completely changing the style and overall color of the hair is to start playing with highlights and lowlights. Now, we know a lot of you colorists like to put a buckshot of unicorn vivids on every head you see, and that’s cool, but sometimes you need to stop and appreciate what can be done with regular ol’ shades of brown. Because not everyone wants to wipe their natural brunette hair away to go grey fox or put a rainbow of pastel on their head.

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4 Quick Holiday Salon Marketing Ideas

Oct 25, 2016 1:00:02 PM

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Photo courtesy Krista Baltroka.


Halloween is nigh which means two things.

  1. There’s barely enough time for you to slip in last minute Halloween specials,

  2. There’s another two months of Holiday madness to prepare for.


We’re entering the time of obligatory parties, family get-togethers, special events, and heinous gift giving, all of which are things many people will be looking to you, the salon owner/stylist/barber/unofficial counselor for help. If you haven’t had time to come up with some quick specials and marketing plans for the end-of-year trifecta yet, here are a few ideas that will bring some holiday spirit into your business.

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SG Blog 25 Header.jpg

Photo courtesy of Daniel Oines.

The London-based shop, Barberette, recently got a bump in publicity for being a “gender-neutral barbershop,” meaning they charge by hair length and desired style. There’s no cheaper option for Men’s Haircut. It’s all just hair on heads.

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It’s officially fall now, even if it doesn’t feel like it in all parts of the country (looking at you, California). If you’re already wrapped in clouds and rain and falling leaves then you might already be in the pumpkin-crazy spirit of the season. But for those who are still struggling through 90 degree weather and stubbornly sunny days, you might need a little help remembering what it’s like to be cold and surrounded by new colors, so we went out and found a few fresh hair colors that should give you a creative taste of autumn until the weather catches up.

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The Danger in Salons Becoming Robots

Sep 19, 2016 12:16:55 PM

SG Blog 23 Header.jpg

Photo courtesy of Freddy Guerrero

The future of salons is computers doing everything for us except cutting hair. Salon Magazine recently did a spotlight on the Eikonic House of Barbers that was built around the use of the salon management program Shortcuts. The owners talk a lot about how the program has helped them become successful with its comprehensive data collection and automatic messaging. It cuts down on no shows, gives them easy access to information on areas they can improve, and appointments and billing happen almost without effort.

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